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365Performance Documents for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The extension for optimized, for Germany legally compliant documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central extends the standard by a multitude of comfort functions for the creation of business documents – from the possibility to create individual beginning texts and ending texts over formatting options for individual document text lines or the document layout up to ready-to-use templates for documents in the areas of sales, purchasing and service.

Please note that 365Performance Documents is optimized for German Business Documents!


  • Individual beginning texts and ending texts definable per document, per customer and vendor, per customer group and vendor group
  • Various text formatting options per document text line (e.g. bold, underlined, italic, coloured, etc.)
  • Set of professional documents for sales, purchase and Service containing all mandatory fields according to German value added tax law – therefore optimized for German business documents


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Legally compliant documents and receipts for Dynamics 365 BC

Business document creation extension in Dynamics 365 Business Central with live demo

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What highlights does 365Performance Documents offer?

Microsoft Dyamics 365 Business Central is a modern, cloud-based enterprise software for your business processes. The ERP solution is designed so that you can quickly start working with the most important functions. Even in the standard version, Dynamics 365 BC offers a comprehensive set of functions for your financial accounting or production, for example. 
The functional scope of Dynamics 365 BC can be adapted to your requirements through a wide range of extensions. 
For an individual design of business documents, such as quotations, orders, invoices, etc., we have developed 365Performance Documents. We have developed 365Performance Documents. The extensions offer you extensive functions for an individual document layout. 
You can use 365Performance Documents to customize the document layout and design of documents, such as setting pre-texts for quotes or highlighting individual document lines in color/bold/italics. You also have the option of marking quotation lines with item numbers or displaying them as optional in the proof. 
You don’t have your own document layout yet, but still want to stand out from the standard Dynamics 365 BC? With 365Performance Documents, we also provide you with a set of predefined standard documents with which you can start right away. Our sample documents also have all the specified mandatory fields according to German VAT law. 

What are use cases for 365Performance Documents?

  • You have individual pre-texts and post-texts that are to be printed before or after the document lines in a quotation, such as a personalized salutation or a reference to a discount promotion.
  • You want to assign item numbers to the document lines in an order document in order to achieve a clear structure.
  • Individual lines of document text are to be visually highlighted and printed in bold, italics or color, for example.
  • You have different text modules for a specific period (e.g. as a reference to a trade show appearance) or create documents in different languages.
Referenz 365Performance Documents - Labohm

"... after a few days of testing, I am now sure that many of our problems are solved with the app, which makes me very happy."

Oliver Labohm, CEO LABOHM Fußbodentechnik GmbH

365Performance Documents
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What are the features of 365Performance Documents?

Die Erweiterung für Dynamics 365  Business Central bietet Ihnen verschiedene Funktionen für die Gestaltung Ihrer Belege in den Bereichen Verkauf, Einkauf, Buchhaltung und Service. 

Easily individualize the standard layout of business documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Individual beginning texts and ending texts definable per document, per customer and vendor or per customer group and vendor Group (e.g. for Terms & Conditions, validity period of an offer, etc.)
  • Conditional page breaks withing beginning texts and ending texts
  • Usage of Standard Text Codes (controlable by Language Code)
  • Subtotals and continuations in documents (transheader, transfooter)
  • Possibilty of extending documents by further fields (by developers)

Turn boring standard reports of Dynamics 365 Business Central into impressive business cards

  • Individual logo definable per document template
  • Creation of an individual and language-dependent footer
  • Definition of a company-specific sender’s adress line

Formatting options for individual document design

  • Various text formatting options per document text line (e.g. bold, underlined, italic, coloured etc.)
  • Assigment of position numbers (manually or automated by the system)

Predefined set of documents for sales, purchase and service in Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Professional and ready-to-use documents – optimized for Germany – for
    • sales,
    • purchase,
    • and service
  • Templates contain all mandatory fields according to German Value Added Tax Law – therefore optimized for German business documents
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Sales Shipment
  • Sales Blanket Order
  • Sales Proforma Invoice
  • Sales Return Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Debit Note
  • Purchase Blanket Order
  • Purchase Return Order
  • Purchase Return Shipment
  • Purchase Delivery Reminder
  • Service Quote
  • Service Order
  • Service Invoice
  • Service Credit Memo
  • Service Shipment
  • Service Contract Quote
  • Service Contract

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